Moving Home to a New Life

Yesterday my husband accepted a job offer back home in Southern California.  We have been waiting for an opportunity to move back after living in the Bay Area for the past two and half years.  We moved here for school and job opportunities with the intention of going home after a couple of years.  It has been a great experience being here and it will be bitter sweet leaving this life behind.  Some of the greatest events of our lives happened while we were in Northern California.  We got engaged in Lake Tahoe while on a little family trip in 2011 and we were married in Cupertino in 2012.  A few months later we picked up our puppy,Giani, in Stockton. We were here for family birthdays, births, and every other celebration you could think of.  We leave about 20 family members up here although we go home to just as many.  We leave jobs which we were blessed to have.  We leave bosses and co-workers that we have built wonderful relationships with.

Life is about moving on and changing circumstances.  And even though we are going home to the place we have lived basically all our lives, we are very much starting our lives all over again.  We are now married and the way things were prior to moving are no longer waiting for us to return. We will need to adjust.  We will need to figure out our next move.  New business ventures, spending time with family and friends, buying a home, and starting a family are all in our future.  We will be able to settle down and actually start our lives in the place we have always planned to be.

Overall, I would say excitement is my main emotion.  Followed closely by anxiety.  Making big changes in life is never easy but I believe it’s necessary.  Do what makes you happy whenever you are able.  Take risks in order to receive rewards.  And look forward a hell of a lot more than you look backwards.

October 12, 2012 we will be Southern California residents once again and then the next journey will start!


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