My Sense of Politics…

(I respect everyone’s opinions. Your views are your own… Now I will state my opinions, which are strictly my own.)

I really try not to talk about politics because I think a lot of the time those discussions bring out the worst in people. I think too many people try to discuss the topics without being educated on what is really going on in our country.  I think when talking about policy and social issues people tend to defend their own personal beliefs rather then accept what’s best for us as a people.  Tonight I watched the first of the 2012 Presidential debates.  For the most part, I was unimpressed.  But there were a few things that stood out to me.  Obama didn’t seem to have the fire he usually does when speaking and Romney said some very weird/confusing things.

For example, when discussing the economy he talked about not raising taxes on the rich and also lowering taxes for the middle class.  The issue with this is that we have a huge deficit and if we don’t raise taxes (along with other measures) then the deficit continues to be a deficit.  How are we going to close the gap with funds if we aren’t collecting any funds? 1+1 apparently doesn’t equal 2 according to Romney.  The money to get us out of the financial crisis we are in has to come from somewhere.  Romney doesn’t clearly address where this money will come from, but instead continues to tell us that he will fix it.  I am no political genius.  I try my best to understand the facts and I will do my best to state them here for those of us who find politics slightly confusing.  What I do know is that if you are in any way a critical thinker you will realize that Romney can continue to say he will fix what’s wrong in this country, but without a plan of action, why the hell would we believe him?  Another thing he said that made no sense to me was that he believes schools should be graded.  This way parents would know how well a school is doing and could choose the better school for their children to attend.  The issue with this is, what happens to the schools who get a bad grade?  Students choose not to go there, good teachers aren’t hired there, and these schools continue to get bad grades.  While the “better” schools continue to have high enrollment, hire great teachers, and continue to excel.  The good get better, and the bad get worse?  Doesn’t seem to make much sense, seeing how the good schools would have too many students and the bad wouldn’t have any…   There were many topis discussed but these two statements stood out to me the most.

Now back to Obama… Tonight he didn’t excite me but he very much spoke the words he has always spoken.  I believe that his goal is to do what is best for America, period.  Nothing he said tonight shocked me.  He has said, on numerous occasions, that he is not perfect and the progress that needs to be made will be slow.  But in my mind anyone half way intelligent would already know that.  Our country was so F’ed when Obama came into office and to expect him to change the whole country and fix all the issues in 4 years, is crazy!  But I think he’s on the right track.

Again, let me state that I am no political genius. I watch when they speak and I read up on what they intend to do if elected.  I grew up in a conservative household.  I once debated against abortion and gay marriage.  But as I have gotten older my views have changed.  I have grown, I have learned, and I have had my eyes opened to reality.  I do not consider myself a Democrat and I no longer consider myself a Republican.  I am someone who believes in what’s right and I will vote, for who I believe, is doing right for America. I believe that this country is what it is because of Freedom and I believe that the people in it should be Free.  I also believe people should vote with AMERICA’s best interest in mind, rather then thinking about their own personal gains.  We need to understand that this country needs help and it is our job as American’s to help out in any way we can.  If that means higher taxes in order to lower the deficit then I’m okay with that.  If it means giving a little to the people less fortunate so they have a chance at living a better life, then I am willing to give. I 100% think that Obama knows what it’s like to be the “not so fortunate” and he is doing his best to help make this less hard on those who have had it too hard.

With that said, I will continue to read and watch what is going on.  I will watch the next three debates and decide who is best, in my opinion, to get my vote. I hope everyone else does the same.  I hope you vote because you believe in the person you are voting for and because you have educated yourself on what they plan to do when in office.

Schedule of the next 3 Debates:

Vice Presidential Debate: October 11th
Presidential Debate: October 16th
Presidential Debate: October 22nd



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