Curing my Running Blues

So it’s been a week and a half since I decided to run this half-marathon in January.  I still think I am absolutely crazy, but I’m also intrigued.  Last week I ran a mile each day for 5 days.  It started out rough, being that I haven’t ran for anything other than to answer my phone, in the last 6 years.  So I figured a mile would be a good starting point.  This week I decided to push a little harder and run a mile and a quarter. 1.25 miles!  Not much of a difference, or so I thought.  The first day running the 1.25 almost killed me!  I got the worst stomach cramps and it felt like someone put a bag over my head that had a built in heater.  It seemed to get bad about half way through that last lap.  It took everything I had to finish.  In my mind I was thinking… “You are pathetic. One extra lap! You feel this shitty over 1 extra lap?!” I refused to quit and pushed through it but when I finished I felt horrible. My face was bright red and my head was on fire!  In the past this has been the reason I have stopped working out.  The second I feel bad, I quit.  Horrible mentality to have, I know.  This day I was upset and feeling like 13.1 miles is completely out of my reach.  Defeated and Discouraged.

Today I ran that 1.25 miles again and I was fine afterwards.  I had to talk myself through it but I made it without the head heater turning on…  So today, I feel accomplished.  I know that 1.25 miles is really not a big deal, but to me, at this moment, it is.  As long as I am improving, I feel good about this commitment.  Commitment is a word I whisper to myself through out every run I’ve done so far. It keeps me going and holds me accountable.  I have committed to this run and I will not quit!

My path to the gym…

I figured out a few tricks that work for me.  As I walk to the gym, I put on slower music and try to relax.  I admire the trees, running water, and leaves around me.  The second I step foot in the gym I turn on fast music.  Music that makes me want to kick someone’s ass. That someone being the tread mill.  I listen to this as I run.  As soon as I’m done running I turn my music back to something slow and calming.  I walk back to my apartment and enjoy the view as I breathe and smile at my small accomplishment.  In the past, this would have sounded a little corny to me.  But now it sounds like something that helps me.  It’s the little things that I choose to enjoy in order to keep me going…

Week Two of Half-Marathon training is slow but I am feeling encouraged.  Next week my sister will be here and we will hit the pavement so I can feel what it’s like to run outside. Not really looking forward to it, but I’m up for the challenge.



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3 responses to “Curing my Running Blues

  1. Chandra Mogan

    First off, I just want to say I am so proud of us. I am especially proud of you. It’s not easy to get motivated but you are doing it for a better you. Keep up the positive self talk! Several things work for me, I have to listen to fast upbeat songs before and while I run. I also focus on my breathing which helps me a lot. I can’t wait to get through this and check a half marathon off my list. Week 2 is almost done!

  2. Music is powerful when it comes to exercise. Some scientists go as far as to call it an ergogenic aid, like steroids. Check out this article:

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