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Today I woke up feeling like a different person… If it were a week ago, I would have been working on orders, emails and thinking about  But today was the first work day in which I no longer work for Fanhood.  Friday I moved back home to Southern California.  Last Wednesday was my last day at a company who employed me for the last 2 years. Wednesday I said good bye to 11 men and 2 women that I have worked with at  Some I have known since starting a little over two years ago.  They were my Northern California constants.  I went from coaching cheer leading and being around all girls to being the only female in an office full of men.  The company has changed, people have transitioned out but this company was in my life on a daily basis.  I was lucky to work with two of my cousins.  We had lunches and conversations that I cherish.  Each person involved in the Fanhood Family is amazing and I am sad to have left knowing that I wont see their faces every week.  I have met some great people in the last 2 years and right now I find myself reflecting on short discussions, simple smiles, and the everyday “good mornings” that I will miss so much.  Happy hours that I will remember forever, good met that I hope to stay in touch with and two women that I am grateful to have met and call my friends.  I was given an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than I imagined.  I was introduced to some of the best people I’ve met so far in my life and it makes leaving SF bitter sweet.  To the cousin who gave me a chance, the woman who I shared long conversations with about life, love and customer service, the guy who took me out and introduced me to his amazing friends when I was new to the city, the girl who made my days better by simply sitting next to me and laughing, and to those that inspired me to be better in business and in life by leading by example…. THANK YOU for everything!  I wish everyone complete happiness, success, and a little bit of luck on the side.  Brandon, Riley, Jenn, Jordan, Lauren, Mike, Jesse, Tom, Ashish, Dan, Genaro, Matt, and Mike I will miss you all so much.  Go Fanhood!


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