2 Miles…

Last night I took running to the streets and away from the treadmill. It felt great to run in the nice 70 degree weather.  After running for 23 minutes and about 2 miles, we headed home and not once did I want to stop.  It gave me a little more confidence in my running ability and I am ready for the upcoming struggles and triumphs I will experience.  I am two miles closer to 13.1.

We are living in a house on a golf course and the area is great.  Beautiful trees, green grass and nice houses. Running outside was something I enjoyed. I am actually beginning to like running and that in itself is an accomplishment.

I used to say running was impossible for me.  I still find myself doubting even the shortest distance.  But each time I get up and do it, I feel like I’ve proven myself wrong. Moving and Miles are life-changing for me and I am ready to embrace what’s next…



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