Kissing Good Night?

I was watching the news yesterday morning and they were talking about a study done that showed 80% of couples no longer kissing each other goodnight. Out of 2,000 couples interviewed, 8 out of 10 said that they no longer kiss before drifting off to dream land. Some of you might say, “So What?” but a kiss goodnight is one of the most sweet, simple and loving gestures a couple can share.  We as a society have become less concerned with the small things that keep a relationship in a good place.  Nice gestures done for one another start to fade away as the years go on.  Apparently so does kissing!  The study also stated that 90% of these couples do not even say “I love you” before going to sleep.

I understand that many couples go to bed at different times for different reasons, but do these couples not say good night, give each other a kiss, and use the words I Love You before heading off to bed?  I find this odd and really sad… Could it be a sign of conflict?  Or does it simply not cross their minds?

Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us and in my opinion the last thing we should do before going to sleep and the first thing when waking up, should be to let the person you love know it, by stating it and showing it.  It’s something so simple that mean’s so much.  I have spoken to women who feel ignored and unappreciated by their significant other.  They are not told I Love You often and a kiss goodnight is not something they have received in a while.  I bet that if they did receive these gestures they wouldn’t feel so badly.  Words and actions of love can change the way you feel about yourself and your partner.

In the end, we choose who to share our lives with.  We should also choose to show them how important they are to us.  Let’s not forget about the small things that really bring us together as couples.

Give your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend a kiss before you go to sleep tonight and take one more second to say ” I LOVE YOU.”  You never know, it could spark a flame, make them smile, or create a calming emotion that helps both of you sleep with ease.


Do you kiss your other half goodnight?  What about saying “I Love You?”  Are these things important to you?



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2 responses to “Kissing Good Night?

  1. I can’t believe that study!! Who are these people!

  2. The study was done on some British couples… The whole thing was crazy to me!

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