Running and My Life: A Correlation

Yesterday I climbed up another step on my half-marathon latter.  My sister and I ran 3 miles and it felt great!  I never would have thought I would enjoy running so much and that I could be some what good at it.  After talking to my dad this morning and hearing him tell me that he was proud that I am no longer a “broken down reindeer”  (I guess that is how some people perceive my awkward, partly frail body), I started to think about how simple it is to reach goals when you decide to try and work on your mindset. A little over a month ago, I told myself that I could never complete a half-marathon.  Although I am still 10 miles from my ultimate goal, I am inspired by what I’ve accomplished thus far.

In almost all aspects of my life I work my ass off.   I have built my own company from the ground up.  I have successfully held lasting relationships with many people I have met through out my life.  Every day I work on making my marriage perfect so that my husband and I can lead completely happy and fulfilled lives.  Anything I decide to do, I give it 100% of me.  Up until my decision to run, I have not given any effort to exercise.  I often complain about body aches and the fact that my body is beginning to change, (and not a good kind of change!), but never before have I done anything about it.  Running has given me a new perspective.  Never again will I say “I can’t.”  I have finally proven to myself that there is really nothing I can’t do.  It’s funny that the thing I hated most, i.e running, was what made me change the way I look at life.

Sometimes things are hard, but what makes you successful is your determination to push through and accomplish what you set out to do.  At times while running, just like in business and life,  you will second guess your will and ability.  But as you hit milestones, one by one, you start to see that your drive will keep you going.  I now add running to my list of things I work on.  I feel a new sense of pride in myself and what I can ultimately do.

To all those that have that one thing that scares you, that one thing that seems impossible…  Let me tell you, if you actually commit to changing your mind set you will be able to conquer your fears, your goals, and your pessimistic outlook on that particular part of your life.  I encourage you to try.  And I recommend starting earlier rather than later.  You shouldn’t prolong feeling AMAZING about a new accomplishment.

Next week we will hit 4-5 miles and on January 5th I will complete 13.1, which will be one of my greatest achievements to date.
Find what inspires you.  Look for new challenges.  Live a life that you are proud of.




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