Busy, Busy, and VDay

I haven’t written in a few weeks and I feel like something has been missing from my life.  Part of what was missing was my mind because I literally was going crazy but now everything is back to normal and I can sit down and actually write a few words.  Let me explain…

The second Saturday of December my company, Proud and Pretty in Pink, holds our annual Holiday Charity Event “Holiday in Pink” where we raise money for an amazing organization, VDay.  They work to end violence against women and girls all over the world.  My sister and I work with teen girls and women to better educate them on body image, self esteem and sexual health.  We wanted to raise money for a deserving organization as well as throw a Holiday party for our supporters.  We came up with Holiday in Pink and decided, last year, to start to raise money for VDay.  This past Saturday we held our event at Raquel’s Jazz Lounge in Rialto, Ca.  It was a great night and we were blessed to have our supporters, family, and friends come out and celebrate with us.  The planning process leading up to this event is stressful and a lot of work.  I am some what of a perfectionist and nothing but the best is acceptable when it comes to my company.  I think we accomplished the goal.  As I reflect on the last couple of months I realize how important this event is to me.  Raising money for such an important movement is gratifying and humbling.  My sister and I become obsessed with making sure we get every penny we can in order to do our part in furthering the movement. Although times are hard for people, we were able to raise a helpful amount.  We talked about VDay’s upcoming 15th anniversary.  On 2/14/13 VDay is calling One billion people to rise up , walk out, dance, and demand an end to the violence.  We will be participating in this movement and we hope you will too.  Visit http://www.onebillionrising.org for all the details.

We raised a little over $1,000 for VDay so far and I have given us until Friday to raise some more.  If you would like to donate to VDay on behalf of Proud & Pretty in Pink please visit our website for details…

Pictures from the event will be coming soon. Stay tuned…




The Proud & Pretty Girls who helped raise money for last year’s event!


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