8 Down…

A little over a week ago, I completed my first 8 mile run.  It was tough but I finished with minimal damages.  My ankle bothered me pretty bad around mile 4 and it continued the rest of the run but the determination to finish was more pounding than the pain in my foot.  My cousin and I ran while 5 others rode their bikes.  My husband and sister were 2 of these bike riders and it was nice having them there once we accomplished this goal.  I haven’t ran since this day which was Saturday December 1st… My foot was healing (it’s nice having a husband who is also an athletic trainer) and I was planning my company’s annual charity event.  So today I will start slow and do a few miles.  Sunday, I will do my last distance run before the big half marathon on January 5th!  Sunday at noon we will run 10 miles… This is the ultimate test for me.  If I can do 10, I can do 13.1.


Right after finishing the 8!

I am thinking of writing about the ups and downs of this training process from the perspective of a woman who, before the decision to try this, had not ran more than 1 mile ever in her life.  I think it’s important to show what a “regular” person goes through while training for a half marathon.  I have been reading a lot about running and much of the advice and stories comes from conditioned runners.  Obviously these runners have amazing advice and they speak from much experience but I think it would be great to hear a side that comes from a fellow 1st timer.  Sweat, tears, accomplishments, and set backs were all apart of this journey.  I have my own little tricks that helped me through this and I have my own words of encouragement to share.  It will be honest, funny, sad, and motivating.  I am going to put this all in writing once I complete the 13.1 on 1/5/13…


The 8 mile Crew!



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