The Half is Done!

On Saturday I ran my first half-marathon.  I trained for 14 weeks and although I started out as a “never runner” I finished as a half marathon runner!  I set my mind on running every distance run without walking or stopping.  The 13.1 miles in L.A. was no different.  Some said running the whole way was a crazy goal but it was what I wanted to do from the start.  The experience was harder than anything I’ve ever done before.  It took every physical and mental part of my being to finish.  There were many hills up through Dodger stadium and every time I started up another one, I kept telling myself how far I’ve come and if I quit now, it was all for nothing.  My foot began to ache at about mile 6 and my quads tightened up around 7.  Again the toughest physical thing I have ever done.

It’s been 4 days since the run and my body is feeling better.  I keep thinking about the moment I crossed the finish line.  The feelings of complete relief, excitement, pride and pain were all mixed together.  I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.  So I did both.  I felt horrible physically but mentally I had never felt stronger.

The day of the run I sat at our kitchen table eating breakfast and reading through past pieces I had written while going through this incredible journey.  While reading my words I realized that this half-marathon was more than just a run to me.  It was a life accomplishment that would stick with me forever.  It was fueling my inspiration and giving me a confidence I hadn’t felt before.  It still amazes me that I even decided to attempt this fitness challenge, let alone finish by successfully completing every goal I set for myself along the way.  I get emotional thinking about how proud I am of myself and I encourage everyone to do something that they would never think of doing in 2013.  It’s life changing!

Running at night through the hills of Dodger stadium with amazing people that I admire, was a perfect start to a new year and I believe that it has set a tone for the rest of 2013!  13.1 in 2 hours and 28 minutes!

MY QUESTION? Do you have a crazy new goal for 2013!?


A Born Again Runner aka Chelsie 🙂

IMG_1053 011 006 013 photo 1



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2 responses to “The Half is Done!

  1. EXCELLENT news Chelsie!! you GO girl! you deserve to be proud. ♥

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