Fave Twitter Women!

I have been on twitter for about a year now and it wasn’t until recently that I started really using it.  For those of you who do not know me, let me give you a quick run down… I own my own business in which I work to better educate girls and women on body image, self-esteem and sexual health.  I am on a fitness journey that started with a half-marathon and continues with #projectbody.   I am an amateur writer with big dreams of being published by the time I’m 35.  I am married to a man who is the definition of the perfect husband and I truly believe we have a love that is incredibly hard to find.  That’s more than 140 characters but still short enough 🙂

pink twitterI am always looking to meet new people who make me want to be better.  Some of these new people are people I have never met face to face.  I have found many amazing women on twitter who inspire, educate and love other people so I thought I would take some time to share a few of my favorites…

Chelsea Krost (@ChelseaKrost) is a 21 year old writer, producer, and TV and radio host.  I listened to her online radio show last week and was impressed.  She covers a range of topics that affect our generation (the Millennials).  She tweets information on all kinds of topics from health to social media.  She tweets quotes, some that are fun, others that make you think.  She responds to her followers quickly, which was a great surprise to me.  To have over 19,000 followers and still be so personal is amazing.  According to her biography she has made appearances on many TV shows from Anderson with Anderson Cooper to the Today Show.  I definitely encourage everyone to check out this incredibly talented and inspiring young woman!  www.chelseakrost.com

Wyn Duraes (@h1ppychick) is a woman that I just love! I recently started on a fitness journey and Wyn is on one of her own.  I don’t know her in any way other than from her tweets.  She is the kind of person who I look forward to hearing from.  Her tweets are positive and her outlook on life is encouraging.  She often responds to what I tweet about and in her own little wonderful way, makes me smile.  She follows my husband as well and we have had a couple conversations about her and what she writes.  She seems like an all around great woman!

Aunt Ruby (@AuntRuby) is a company that allows you to create your own personalized box of feminine products.  From tampons to pads to liners, its all there.  You pick what you want and they deliver it to you so you never have to step outside to buy this stuff.  You decide when to receive your package.  I think it’s an amazing idea!  Aside from offering a great service Aunt Ruby also tweets and retweets interesting news and info.  She interacts with her followers and provides positivity every day! Check out the website at: www.auntruby.net

Tara Weng (TLWeng74) is a woman who’s tweets are informative and often have a bit of fun sarcasm attached.  She often gives shout-outs to the people she follows and I’m often on her list of #FF which I appreciate so much.  She retweets many of @ProudandPretty tweets and posts articles on raising teens.  She is a supporter and so very funny!  I definitely enjoy reading what she has to say.

These are four women who have stood out to me while I’ve stepped up my twitter game.  I look forward to writing about many others who inspire me, teach me and encourage me while I work my way through the fitness goals I set, the business world I’m working to be apart of, and the days when I just need to smile.  Thank you ladies for being amazing and thank you for encouraging the same in other women!





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5 responses to “Fave Twitter Women!

  1. Chelsie thank you so much for your kind words, support, and including me in this post. I am also posting this post on my blog to feature all the other incredible people you have mentioned above. XO

    ps. I love you name 😉

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  3. Edward Ornelas

    Great read Chelsie!


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