Everyday People

Everyday we encounter people.  Some of them we are familiar with like co-workers, classmates, family and friends.  Others are strangers who we come across at restaurants, gas stations, salons, parks, etc.  It is amazing how a complete stranger can make you feel.  A friendly smile can brighten your day.  A rude comment can set your mood on a down hill spiral.  Do you ever think of how you make other’s feel?  Do you care?

Happiness is contagious. I feel the same way about positivity, compassion, and encouragement.  I strongly believe that the vibes I give off are a good indicator of what I will receive in return.  I believe in karma and treating people the way you want to be treated.  I think if more of the world felt this way and acted it out on a daily basis we would be a happier, healthier and more successful planet.

I meet new people all the time.  I put on my best smile and treat each of them with respect.  I challenge whoever reads this blog to do the same.  Just think how much it would mean if you walked out your front door on a day when you didn’t feel so great about your situation or yourself, and everyone you came across smiled at you with the intent to help you feel a little better.  Just think if you were experiencing a loss or a break up, what it would mean if strangers seemed compassionate and understanding without even having to say a word to you.  Would it change your mood?  Would it make you feel better?

To everyone who wears a smile, treats people with kindness and strives to be an example to others… I applaud you and personally, I think you are AMAZING!!!






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4 responses to “Everyday People

  1. kimmyg01

    I loved your post! It was Amazing!

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