Where does your “I” come from?

For years now, I have relied on something I call “I” to get me through every day.  “I”  is inspiration and I absolutely need it in order to live.  When I lack inspiration I become lazy, sad, annoyed, and borderline depressed.  It’s like my drug and I have become addicted to it.

Everyone has something that keeps them going.  In my case, it’s “I.”  I’ve recently found a way to get it whenever I start to feel myself slip into a black hole.  I find it in many things.  An outdoors run to clear my head and find room to once again feel inspired.  A long bath in which I’m forced to get creative with my thoughts, in most cases turning into great ideas.  My favorite is looking for words to find my “I.”  I look for words that make me feel something.  They lift me up, they make me think, they create a sense of purpose and a sense of joy.  I’ve spent pretty much all of my life writing.  From poems to songs and now blogs and a book.  I always come back to words because that is what I am good at and that is what I’ve always known.  I look for them in books, quotes online, graffiti on the streets and in small stores that house unknown novels, notebooks of paper and mugs with sayings.

Growing up many of us find something that we’re good at.  At some point in our lives, we are unable to take what we were good at during our childhood and turn it into a career.  I refuse to let that be my story.  I have started many writing projects in the past and have become frustrated with the lack of progress I’ve made in the real world.  Today I re-open one of those projects and it will not close until it’s completed and successful.

I believe we all need a little inspiration to live out our dreams.  If we are uninspired it makes this life less magical and without magic, dreams seem further away.  Today I write a list of things that inspire me…

I encourage you to do the same.  Maybe your “I” will lead to new open doors in the future.




My List of how to become INSPIRED:

Going out for a run and realizing how amazing my body really is

Stopping to admire something beautiful and thinking hard about where it came from and what it does

Long quiet baths

Books, poetry, music


Reading about someone’s incredible life

Meeting someone new who offers a new perspective


inspire me graphic



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