Summer Time Fears: Women’s Edition

Last night we had our monthly Proud&PrettyinPink Women’s Self-Esteem Focus Group… We discussed the upcoming summer months and some of the common fears women share about the hot season.  I hadn’t thought of a few of the fears that were brought up so I thought I would share…

sunscreen pic

My two fave sunscreens! Neutrogena Clear Face for the face and Neutrogena Beach Defense for the body.

Sunburns:  I am extremely fair skinned so this is a huge fear of mine during the sunny months.  I am a sun screen fanatic. It is so incredibly important to find a sunscreen you like and will use.  No matter what color your skin is, you should be using sun screen.  According to the CDC, your risk for melanoma doubles if you’ve had just five sunburns in your life.  Enjoying the sun is a big part of summer time and if you are prepared it doesn’t have to be painful.  If you do experience a bad sunburn soak in a cool bath, use aloe vera, and stay out of the sun until you are healed.

Waxing: Some women are blessed to be able to shave all parts of their bodies without getting razor bumps.  These little red bumps in the bikini area are a woman’s worst nightmare during bikini season.  I am a fan of waxing.  Although it hurts, it is well worth the time saved not having to shave so often.  The downside of waxing is the time in between sessions and when the hair is an awkward length.  The length that is too short to wax again but long enough to see.  I don’t recommend nail salon bikini wax.  For some reason the bikini area is a little too important to be waxed in the same place where women get their nails painted.  I suggest asking friends or family for recommendations on places.  Being comfortable with the woman who waxes you makes the whole experience so much better!  I personally like the European Wax Center.  A little expensive but I’m always happy with the results.

Sweating: Obviously all of us sweat more during the summer months but people who experience excessive sweating can be extremely paranoid when it’s hotter outside.   Sweating through your clothes can be very embarrassing.  There are clinical strength deodorants out there that can help but if the case is severe more extreme measures are needed. Hyperhidrosis is a condition where a person sweats excessively and unpredictably.  More info can be found on the PubMed Health.

Underarm Discoloration:  Wearing tank tops or bathing suits can be uncomfortable when you are worrying about discoloration under your arms.  According to the Mayo Clinic this discoloration occurs mostly in African American and Hispanic women. The darker color under the arms can be caused by product and/or skin care procedures.  There is also the chance that it’s due to a medical condition.  You can read more about this via LiveStrong.

its better to be...

Don’t necessarily strive for that body, but strive for the happy look on her face.

Body Issues:  There are so many issues women focus on when it comes to their bodies during summer time.  Extra pudge is annoying when you are spending a lot of time in a bathing suit.  Eating clean during summer can help with the extra fat around your tummy.  Clean and Delicious is the title of a great blog that offers recipes for all kinds of great light foods.  Dani Spies created categories for recipes by diet, ingredient, meal and type.  You will find something you like for sure! Visit  Making sure to keep a good workout routine during the upcoming months can help with tone as well as your self-esteem.  Workout the problem areas most but don’t neglect the rest of your body.  Figure out what helps you stay motivated to workout.  Pinterest is one of my motivational secret weapons!

Bathing Suits:  Shopping for a bathing suit can really be a horrible experience for some women.  It’s very important to shop and try on the suits that fit your specific body type.   Here are a couple sites that offer advice for shopping for your body:  She Knows Beauty&Style & Self: The best Swimsuits

Finances:  With summer time there comes vacations, time off work and BBQ’s.  It also brings financial stress for many.  Sitting down and planning out your summer budget, vacations and parties is a great way to save yourself the anxiety and stress that can come from not being prepared.  If you don’t have the funds, certain activities need to be scaled down.  Living within your means is crucial especially during the summer months.  Create a budget and plan accordingly.

I would love to hear from you regarding this topic of summer time fears.  We all have our own personal issues but being able to talk about them and coming up with solutions is a great way to move on and enjoy the beautiful summer season!

summer time



P.S. Check out the Top 7 Summer Health Hazards.  It’s always good to be prepared 🙂


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