One of Life’s Beauties

One of the most beautiful things about Life is that she gives you new days, new weeks, new months and new years.  No matter how bad things get there is always NEW waiting for you around the corner. I think many of us have a hard time feeling positive when every negative thing around us is coming down like hail.  We have little bits of positivity that shine through every once in awhile, but when things go wrong it can take a while to get back to feeling optimistic and happy.

I have experienced a month that I will call darkness.  I haven’t experienced a form of darkness in a really long time.  I understand that everyone goes through times that make them question life, God, family, etc.  When failure, disappointment, loss, and crazy unexplained emotion consume your life it becomes hard to be the positive person you once were.

When you lose something or someone that means the world to you, it tears your heart out.  The pain can be intense.  When someone in your life betrays you in a very personal way it makes you question everything.  When your family goes through something that can’t be discussed and you have to smile as if nothing is wrong, it kills you a little bit inside.  When you fail to conquer something you always thought you could, it breaks your spirits and you feel inadequate.  To be let down, put down and falling down on a continual basis is incredibly hard and seeing the light may feel impossible.

Life sucks sometimes and the only way to get past it is to move forward.  The world doesn’t stop for us and we shouldn’t stop either.  Success and happiness come to those who decide they want it and will pursue it at all costs.  Feeling good can be a decision and each one of us has to make that decision for ourselves.  There will always be times when things seem impossible and happiness seems far away but with some strength, an optimistic approach and a few people that will help you figure it all out, LIFE can be beautiful again.

C.S. Lewis said “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”  Most of us are ordinary people looking for an extraordinary life so naturally we will experience hardship along the way.  It will be how we deal with it that defines our success and character.

It is important to always remember that Life offers us many chances to start New.




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