A Life Time Out.

Have you ever just pulled back away from what you are used to doing on an everyday basis?  Have you taken a time out from your normal life to try and figure out what it is you’re looking for?  I feel like I am constantly looking for something but I never really know what it is.  In the last two weeks I have stopped writing, eating well, and thinking about the things in my life that bother me.  I have been at my moms house every day helping her, because she had surgery on her foot.  During those days I have had time to work on projects, eat healthy and ponder about life… but I chose not to.  I gave the excuse that I was too busy to write.  I was too busy to think about eating, plus I just wasn’t very hungry.  And I really think I stopped over thinking certain situations going on in my life right now.  In a way it was freeing but now I see that it was only a time out.

time out

This is the mental picture I have of the last two weeks…

So after 14 days of eating hot tamales and potato chips, I woke up with a new motivation.  It’s weird how life has its peeks and valleys.  I would consider the last two weeks to have been the middle ground between my highs and lows.  It’s almost as if everything has stood still.  I don’t feel sad or happy.  I don’t feel much at all to be honest.  It’s an interesting place to be and I’ve never been here before.

As I sit here and write I feel a sense of pride and excitement.  After all, I consider myself to be a writer.  But one can not be a writer without writing.  One can not be healthy without eating.  And one can not progress in life if they are not willing to deal with each new situation and conquer it…  So this is what this is.  It is a new start.  After being stagnant for 2 weeks I am ready to move quickly in a somewhat new direction.

Why do we go through these interesting times in our lives?  Why are there questions that we can’t answer?  And why are we content with continuing to experience confusing situations without getting to the bottom of why they are happening?

I think for me, for whatever reason, I needed to take a time out.  I’m not sure why and to be honest I didn’t really even notice it was happening.  Hours turned into days and those days quickly into weeks.  They went by fast and I didn’t feel much but now I feel a sense of relief and motivation.

Have you had times in your life that things seemed to stand still?  Have you consciously or unconsciously taken a time out?

Tell me about your experience… I would love to hear it!



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3 responses to “A Life Time Out.

  1. Wyn Duraes

    First off and perhaps testament to my state of mind, was I the only one who clicked on the mental picture from my hand held device more than once? Wondering what it was and annoyed it didn’t show. Until it dawned.

    Unsurprising, yet still in awe of how Continents apart, this beautiful being and I seem to share our universal journeys. Different in years and yet the same in so many ways, our souls are mirrored.

    “A Life Time Out”
    Indeed this occurrence can be conscious or unconscious, purposeful or stumbled upon. However it comes about, I am in no doubt that it is just another journey or path with lessons that need to be learned.

    My “life time out” has, if you will, been enforced. After months of generally feeling unwell, I decided that medical intervention might be required. I am grateful that nothing untoward was established, essentially physiologically, I am well. The consensus diagnosis is STRESS. What followed, as I can best describe, was extreme frustration and possibly anger. After more than a year devoted to healthy eating and exercise, it was not my body but clearly my mind and soul that were rebelling. Rewarding my healthy lifestyle and effort (it appeared) with utter exhaustion and low mood. Where was I going wrong?

    Educated, I know the signs and understand that this is a silent killer. Symptoms more often than not are less than tangible and can turn physical. The diagnosis, (I was assured) was from a lifetime of living at 100mph. Taking care of everything and everyone; retrospectively, to the exclusion of me.

    In isolation, all aspects of my life are more than perfect. Work, home, relationships – all good.

    Together however, they formed this rollercoaster ride that essentially has no brakes. The ride is never ending. So my mind has said “enough” and my body now has to listen. This is not something that a week off work or a spa day could fix. This I learnt would be nowhere near enough to ease the tension on this tightly wound, spinning top.

    My “life time out” is therefore ongoing as I throw every possible arsenal at this affliction. I am the eternal optimist and thrive on positive thought and spirit but this journey is forcing me to travel paths I have to this point shelved or ignored. I am healing with the support of some wonderful individuals and exploring holistic therapies as an aid to reunite, mind body and soul. What an expedition!

    I have much to look forward to in the coming weeks but this journey is a work in progress. There is in fact a dim light at the end of the tunnel and for the first time in months I can be certain it’s not a train hurtling in my direction.

    When all is said and done, this is my “life time out”, my pause. The most precious thing we have is time.

    “When you refuse to pay attention to what life is saying to you, life will make its point very clear. Life wants us to be aware of ourselves so we can make the necessary adjustments in order to live more harmoniously.” Iyanla Vanzant

    • Wyn,
      Every time I read something you write, I am amazed by your ability to use words to draw out a beautiful picture. Reading about the tough time you have been going through made me sad but the way you explained it somehow created a positive picture of this just being one of those “everything happens for a reason” moments. I am relieved that you do not have any physical illnesses. I am encouraged that a you noticed a problem and did what you needed to do in order to fix it. I am certain that because of who you are, you will bounce back from this and be even more healthy, strong and positive than you were before.
      It is a very interesting thing that we have similar experiences going on in our lives although we have not met face to face, we live continents away and have decades between us. I enjoy and admire every word you write and I appreciate your comment on this specific entry. Thank you beautiful Wyn, for your thoughts…

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