Ever analyze what you see on Social Media?

I often find myself analyzing the actions of other women and girls and thinking about their reasons for doing certain things…  We act the way we act because of certain experiences, upbringings and societal influences.  We are constantly seeing celebrities, reality TV stars, and even our peers acting in ways that are very questionable.  Questionable in the sense of  “What is going on in your life that has you behaving or doing these things?”

I’m not a psychologist by any means but I do like to think of myself as a critical thinker.

How about the everyday gal who goes out of her way to draw attention to herself?   I’m sure every one of you reading this blog has seen a “friend” or “follower” post something on social media that got a reaction out of you.  Why the nudie photos, the desperate cries for sympathy and/or the annoying posts of PDA or continued proclamations of Love?  Certain things we used to value as personal are now game for sharing with the entire world.  People in my generation are now considered self absorbed and conceited. What is the reason for this?

There have been tons of articles on how social media affects our self-esteem.  And to these articles, I say duh!  Each one of us feels something when we look at the posts of our peers. For me, it is very simple to recognize a woman’s self-esteem by looking at her social media posts.  I challenge you to analyze what you see on your news feeds.  Social media is huge and the affects it is having on us all are increasing.  Some people post excessively because they are desperate for attention.  Some people don’t post much but look at their “friends” posts and feel badly about themselves and their own lives.  Some people look at their “friends” posts, feel badly, then post themselves in order to feel better. So why do so many of us allow social media to impact the way we see or feel about the person we are?  It’s an interesting concept that so many of us have never thought about.

If you are the person constantly posting selfies, ask yourself why? I’m not talking about those that post a picture of themselves before going out or when they feel good in a new outfit.  I’m talking about those that feel the need to share their face with us every single day and sometimes multiple times a day with a really random caption that has nothing to do with the picture.

If you are the one who posts about your “sad” or “depressing” life constantly, everyday sharing the negative things that happened to you today, ask yourself why?  Yes, we all have issues and sometimes it’s nice to vent but not every time you post, right?

If you are the person who wants everyone to know how amazing your life and/or love is, ask yourself why?  Some of us are proud to be in shape and love to share that with others.  Some of us are happy in our relationships and take cute photos together.  Some of us land our dream job and want to share the news with family and friends.  These are all GREAT things and they should be shared.  But I’m questioning those that continue to flood our feeds with constant personal praise.  We get it, YOU ARE EXTRA AMAZING!

I bring up these points out of pure curiosity and as a wakeup call.  If your life is so great you probably wouldn’t feel the need to overload others with all the perfect details.  Right? If you want attention from all those around you, you should really look inside yourself for the reasons why you need it.  What’s missing that’s causing this cry for help?  And if you have a hard life and want to complain about it all the time, maybe you should seek real help for what you’re going through.  It’s sad that you feel hopeless and negative and maybe things could get better if you went about it in the right way.  Facebook can’t solve your problems but a therapist, a good friend or a doctor might be able to.

I think that what we’re looking at on social media is sometimes just a cover up for something much deeper.  We all have things that excite us, inspire us and make us feel good. I think it’s great that people share their lives with others through posts, pictures and shares but when does the line get crossed?  When have you gone from sharing to being obsessed with yourself?  What is too much?  And how far will we go to let strangers into the most intimate areas of our lives?


I may get a little flack for this post but I try to be honest about my opinions and feelings.  Every post comes from experience and/or genuine concern.  After all, I’m just an ordinary girl working towards an extraordinary life and along the way I’d like to share my thoughts with those who choose to read them.  Please leave your comments on this post so we can strike up a conversation!




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One response to “Ever analyze what you see on Social Media?

  1. Lana

    How intriguing this blog is. I’ve never stopped to think about it, but, how true it is especially with women. Good food for thought, I like it.

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