Why V-Day for Holiday in Pink

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For the last 2 years Proud & Pretty in Pink has worked to raise money for an amazing organization called V-Day.  I encourage you to visit their website and learn more about them, www.VDAY.org.

Holiday in Pink was one of the genius ideas I came up with while taking a bath.  I swear I could plan out how to save the world while I’m in a bath tub. (Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.) When I called my sister, who is the co-founder of Proud & Pretty in Pink , and shared my thoughts, she loved the idea.  We spent the next couple of weeks researching charities that we wanted to raise money for during our Holiday event.  It has always been important to the both of us to give back in whatever way we can.  We were increasing our network and our family and friends were huge supporters of what we were doing with Proud & Pretty in Pink.  We knew we could raise money for a deserving cause.

As we continued our search, we came across so many amazing charities that do wonderful work.  But when we found V-Day, we absolutely knew this was the cause we would dedicate our event to.  We familiarized ourselves with their mission, the work they do, and the key players in their organization.  When I started to read up on V-Day’s founder, Eve Ensler, I was incredibly moved by all the work she had done.  She is a playwright, an author, and the founder of a global movement that helps girls and women.   She is very much a woman I can only hope to become.  She is the definition of strength and determination and her presence in this world is known.

My sister and I have dedicated 3 months of every year to coming up with a plan, hosting this Holiday in Pink event, and raising money for an organization that deserves 100% of our support.  Many of our Proud & Pretty girls have been involved with the process.  It is incredibly encouraging to see the girls that we work with, also do work to help other girls.  My life mission is to help better the lives of girls and women through body image, self-esteem and sex education.  Eve’s mission is to save the lives of battered women and girls all around the world.  Although our objectives are not completely the same, we are tied together by our passion for creating better lives for females of all ages.

Holiday in Pink started in 2011 with the help of some great women.  We are blessed every year to have support from friends, family, clients and other businesses.  We have a team of women that work with us to make sure the event turns out great.  We have annual supporters who donated considerable amounts of money and each year we hope to do better than the last.  We have created an event that is fun, educational and inspiring.

This year we will be doing Holiday in Pink entirely online.  Everyone can join us no matter where they live.  We will be posting videos, raffling off great items, collecting donations, talking about the mission and encouraging everyone to get involved.  Read all about it on our Writings in Pink Blog

The Holidays bring certain warmth and love into many homes.  I ask you to think about sharing this love with women and girls who have been mistreated, raped, abandoned and used.  By making a donation to V-Day, you are helping them continue to save lives and create better ones.  Please give whatever you can in support of their efforts.  It means the world to us and it means even more to the women who have been saved and protected by Eve Ensler and V-Day.

If you would like to donate on behalf of Proud & Pretty in Pink, we will be collecting donations until December 7th.  You can contact us for more information at info@proudandprettyinpink.com or stay updated by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube: @ProudandPretty





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