My November 15th

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November 15th has been a day of reflection, sadness and a lot of emotion for me for the last 7 years.  My life changed forever on this day 7 years ago.  I became a different person.

Two days ago I spoke to a large group of college women at a “Girls Night Out” event.  Normally when I am asked to come speak at events I talk about my company and what I do.  I discuss the difficulties of growing up a girl in today’s society and I educate on self-esteem, body image and sometimes sexual health.  This time I chose to do things differently.

My speech was my life story.  It was the first time I spoke publicly about the things that occurred in my life that led to what I’m doing now.  I discussed all the events that led me to who and what I am today.  The bad decisions I made and the situations that were out of my control.  There were 4 specific years in my late teens and early twenties that were filled with shocking circumstances.  I wanted to share my story in hopes of inspiring, motivating and opening the eyes of these young women.

The last tragic thing that I’ve experienced was on November 15, 2006.  A day that I remember vividly and one that replays in my mind often.  On this day, a life that changed mine was taken, and because of that, the life I once knew was gone as well.

We all deal with things.  Things that break us down and things that build us up.  This broke me, but only for a short time.  You find strength that you never thought you had.  In my case, the strength was powerful.  I learned, I overcame and I turned tragic sorrow into motivation and appreciation.  The man who accepted me and my previous mistakes and the man I spent 17 months of my life with, helped pave the way for who I would ultimately become.  Today, November 15th, I celebrate him and the lasting impact he’s had on me.


If you want to know more of the story you can read about it in last year’s post:    “6 Years Ago Today…”


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