Some Holiday Feel Good


The Holidays bring up certain feelings in us all… For some, the feelings are warmth, appreciation, joy, and love.  For others they are depression, bitterness, sadness, and gloom.  If you are feeling a little of the bad this year here are a few tips to help brighten your mood… They are small but with effort they will help.

1. Give to a good cause or someone in need. (Giving makes us feel good from the inside out.  There is no feeling like giving when people need your help.  There are so many amazing charities to donate to or maybe volunteer your time at a homeless shelter.  Many options and all are very much needed.)

2. Be around the people you love and who bring positive things to your life (We all have those people in our lives who bring us down.  GET RID OF THEM!  Especially during the Holidays.)

3. Find something you like about the season and focus on it.  (If you like to bake, do it!  Bake for your family or friends or bake and give to the less fortunate. Watch Christmas movies. Shop :). Go look at Christmas lights. Whatever you choose, choose it because you like it.)

4. Remind yourself of what this season really means.  If you can’t think of something special, read the stories of others to help spark your thoughts. is a great place to do this.)

5. Buy yourself something special!  Remember YOU this season and the fact that buying yourself a little something can enhance your mood. Make sure it’s worth the money!

6. Appreciate the Color RED!  According to, the color red increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate, encourages action and confidence, provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety. (We could all use a confidence boost and a little less anxiety during the Holidays.)  Paint your nails and toes RED, put on a little RED lipstick, and wear RED when you are feeling a little blue.

7. Get ready for the new year… Set reasonable goals and plan out how you are going to accomplish them.  Be positive when doing this and if that’s difficult, find someone to do this with you.  Someone you trust and someone you enjoy spending time with.

These are just a few of my tips for making the Holidays brighter.  Everyone deserves happiness especially during the Holidays.  Be Merry, Love Life, and Do for yourself the best you can possibly do!

Happy Holidays from me and mine to you and yours!




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