Dear 16 Year Old Chelsie…

16 years old is a hard age.  You are trying to figure out, not only who you want to become, but who you are at this moment.  Things are confusing, relationships are hard and although you are having fun being a teenager, life is going to present you with some very difficult obstacles.

I know you are focused on a boy, cheerleading and friendships, but school really is most important.  It will be the one thing that will always have a positive effect on your life.  You really should concentrate harder in class and spend a little more time studying.

You think you are in love right now, but you aren’t.  The guy you are with does not deserve you and it breaks my heart that you can’t see that.  You give him way too much, when in reality he deserves nothing.  Although you think he cares about you, you will soon find out he doesn’t.  He will cause turmoil and insecurity in your life but he will also be one of your greatest lessons.  Take it for what it is and let him go completely.

The next few years will be full of tragedy.  I know that that  is a very scary thing, but you will get through it all.  You will find strength no one knew you had.  You will live your life and push through the things that could potentially break you.  You will see death on multiple occasions and one of those will be at your hand.  You will often feel like giving up, but you won’t.  Your family and friends will see you through and when it’s all said and done, these years will be the ones that create the woman you become.

Your parents are raising you right.  Although they are making a few mistakes and not informing you about all the things teen girls need to hear, they will protect you, encourage you and love you through it all.  You will make many mistakes and they will be there to help fix them.   I know you think you know it all but you absolutely do not.  They know what is best for you and in 10 years you will look back on these days and thank them for everything they did to make sure you grew into a strong, independent, passionate person.

There will be girls that try your patience and try to bring you down.  But you will realize they are nothing to you and the reason they do such horrible things is because of their own insecurities. The friendships you have right now will last.  They will not look the same as they do right now but they will continue.  These girls will be there through the worst days of your life.  They will be with you for years to come.  And although they will be in your corner, your sister and your cousin will be fighting every battle standing right next to you.  They will be your sense of hope and your voice of reason.

You will have many failed relationships in the upcoming years and that is okay.  You will make a few life changing mistakes but they will help you grow.  You will meet a man who is worthy of everything you have to give and he will become your husband.  He will show up the very second you stop looking.  Love him with everything you have because he will give you everything he has.

I know this all sounds crazy and I’m sure it’s overwhelming but that is the life of a teenage girl.  We all are this girl at one point in our lives and she will help us become the women we are meant to be.  You have helped me live my dream.  The career that you think will be yours, will not.  You will change your mind half way through college and during that time you will find your true passion in life.  You will change lives and you will be proud of the work you do.   Girls will look to you for guidance and people will care about your opinions.

Everything that is happening in your life right now will lead to a life you have always dreamed of.

My advice to you is to be more selective with the people you trust.  Smile and laugh every chance you get.  Embrace change. And have faith that everything happens for a reason and although you will not understand at the moment, it will make sense someday.  I Promise.

I love you and I am proud of the girl you are.  You have so much to look forward to.


27 year old Chelsie

photo (25)

What would you say to your 16 year old self?



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2 responses to “Dear 16 Year Old Chelsie…

  1. What would I say? I would shake myself and tell my self to get my act together. 😛

  2. Lana

    I don’t remember half of my 16th year, but as a parent, you give your best advise, knowledge, morals and values that you have been taught and pass them on. Years go by and life lessons change, as a parent, you can only hope you have done the best job possible. You pray that your 16 year old will make the right decisions, and if not, she knows you will be by her side regardless. Sixteen is a hard year for both daughter and parent, but with a lot of love, she can withstand life’s hard lessons.

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