2014… New You?

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We are on the Eve of a New Year.  So many have decided on their new year’s resolution but the majority will not stick with it.  I challenge the “New Year’s Resolution” and I challenge you to do something more. Be real about what you say you are going to do this year. The typical resolution has something to do with weight and looks, maybe finding love or even working on yourself.  I never make the “Resolution” because I don’t really believe in it.  We all tell ourselves that we want the next year to be better than the last, and some of us make resolutions so we can feel good about the start of the year.  But a month in, that all goes out the window. We as human beings, want everything and so many of us are not willing to do the work to get it…  So lets start being real with ourselves.  Stop using New Years as the only time you decide to make a change.  Use it as an opportunity to map out the year to come.  Make goals that are attainable and hold yourself responsible for completing them.  Don’t simply blurt out, on the eve of a new year, something that sounds good but which you have little intention to act on.  Instead sit down and evaluate your life up to this point.  Go over the mistakes you have made.  Figure out how to better yourself in a realistic way and try to keep vanity out of it.  Keep weight loss and physical looks off this list. Make it count and write things that will actually change your life for the better.  Think about what matters.  Figure out a way to be a happier you.  Don’t stress about losing weight when what you should really focus on is becoming healthier.  Find things that inspire you and surround yourself with them.  Find the people in your life worth having and get rid of all the others.  Clutter is an absolute way to self sabotage yourself in 2014.  Whether it be people who bring nothing but drama and stress, a significant other who isn’t who you imagined yourself with, or material things that cloud your vision and possibly keep you from seeing what really matters in life.  Get rid of all the clutter!  It does nothing but hold you back from becoming the best you. 2014 should be the year you find yourself..  The year when things start to make a little more sense because you actually took the time to look.  Make this year a NEW one, different from the past.  Make it a NEW chance to become better by eliminating all the excuses.  Become a NEW person who is positive, happy, and in turn can encourage those same things in others. If your old ways aren’t getting you where you want to be, create NEW ones…


May you have the discipline and courage to become whoever you want to become.




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