Those People.

Who are the people who impact your thoughts and actions?  Most of you would say your family, significant others, teachers, etc.  But have you ever thought that those who play a smaller role in your life could be the ones who really challenge you, inspire you and open your eyes to bigger things?

There are many times that I’m alone and my mind races about all kinds of things.  I often think about the people who leave me feeling differently than I did before I met them, or talked to them or reunited with them. Let’s, for the sake of this concept, leave out those that make us feel inferior or unloved or insecure.  I want to focus on something bigger than that.

When certain people share their stories with you, they are sharing something new and after you hear it, you are changed.  No matter how significant or insignificant the story may be, you will think about it again at some point and you will remember how that person, at that time, made you feel.  When someone makes you laugh, in that moment, you feel a sense of joy and possible connection.  When someone shares one of their accomplishments, you feel proud, happy, impressed or possibly envious.  The point is that you feel something. Certain people have an ability to make you feel certain things.  For me, the ones that keep me thinking are the ones that impress me. Those who have shared a moment, a laugh or a story that I replay in my head or that I remember out of the blue on a random day.  I’m not sure why these people have that something about them, but they do.  And I am grateful for them because every moment that changes me is one that’s helping me get closer to who I’m meant to become.

I think it’s important for us all to think about “those people” and what role they play in our lives.

The person you’ve met only once that left you with something you didn’t have before.  Possibly a new out look or a new found inspiration?  Or maybe it was a lesson learned or a reality check.

The person who you’ve known for many years but fell out of touch with.  Once reunited, it is only a short time before you remember old times and the fun and laughs you shared together.  The old feelings bring up new ones and they create a sense of peace and reminiscence.

The person who is in your life on a continual basis who shares an unknown truth or acts in a way that is unfamiliar.  You no longer feel what you felt one minute ago for that person, but now you feel something greater, something more.

We all have “those people” who touch us in ways that can be indescribable.  They leave us with new thoughts and new goals.  They make us feel different and reinvented.  Do you know THOSE PEOPLE?

Share with me who they are in your life.  Or better yet, share it with them.

Strive for change.  Look for inspiration.  Embrace the little moments.



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