Body Image & Running

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So many women and girls have issues with body image.  To be honest, it is incredibly hard to find one that doesn’t struggle with their body.

I have been working to educate women and girls on this very topic for the past 4 years.  I too, struggle with certain parts of my body and there have been times in the past where I have been known to obsess about the smallest most ridiculous things.  I find bits of beauty in this battle because we all are facing it together and when we experience a little triumph the effects can be mind/body changing.

I wanted to share with you what has helped me overcome the majority of my body issues.  I know it may sound too good to be true but this is 100% my truth.  As I’ve shared in a previous blog, (Running Changed Me.), I believe that my life has become better because of running.  The decision to start was hard and I was very reluctant, but I’m so happy I did.  Along my journey, I experienced something I didn’t see coming.  I began to really appreciate and love my body for the first time in my life.  I have something I call “Skinny Insecurity” and I have struggled with it for as long as I can remember.  I am slowly being cured and running is apparently my medicine.

The thing about body image is that changing your body won’t necessarily cure the negative feelings you have towards it.  Negative body image is better dealt with by a change in mind set, attitude and outlook.

Running makes me feel strong, both mentally and psychically.  It has helped me realize that my body is so much more beautiful and amazing than I have previously thought.  When you reach outside a comfort zone there will be something great waiting for you.  Mine was acceptance and a new found appreciation for something I never before appreciated.

My skinny, but very strong, body is now something I admire.  Not much has psychically changed though.  I am still skinny and although I am beginning to gain muscle, it isn’t anything drastic.  But still, I rarely look in the mirror and dislike what I see.  My focus has changed and new things are important.  The fact that my body is capable of mile after mile of running.  The fact that my mind is more powerful than the pain.  The fact that my body can do something I never thought was possible.  All these things matter more to me than the ridiculous things I used to find wrong with myself.

There is really no quick fix to a negative body image but with work you can change it into something different.  For me, running was the fix.  My hope is that this might convince you to start doing something you never thought was possible for your body.  You never know, it might lead you on a more healthy path and in turn change the way you see your body.

Remember, it’s important to always Love Yourself even during the times that you don’t necessarily love what you see in the mirror.  You are more than a body.

*If you have worked on your personal body image and had some success, share it with me in a comment.  It’s always great to possibly give someone advice that could change them for the better.*





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5 responses to “Body Image & Running

  1. vonaedeyshawn

    I love this! Like you, I’m already skinny but I’m more skinny fat than anything. People see the outside but they have no idea how unhealthy I actually am. If it weren’t for my metabolism who knows what sort of struggles I would face. Recently I started running. Not to be skinny, but to feel good about my overall health and fitness. It’s great to know I’m not the only one. And like you, there’s so much pride that comes when I’m actually able to go beyond what I thought. Keep pushing forward!

    Vonae Deyshawn

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