Thoughts about 27.

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My dad says the best years of his life were 27 and 32.  I am in the final days of being 27 years old.  In 10 days I will age another year and be that much closer to the big 3-0.  I have mixed feelings about birthdays and I have for a few years now. My birthday is really not a big deal but I’ve had a hang up with what they mean in terms of age.

Again my dad says the best years of his life were 27 and 32.  So far 27 hasn’t been that great for me.  My husband and I have spent the majority of the year trying to get pregnant with no luck.  My Grandma died in February which changed my family forever.  My dog died in May which was devastating!  My husband and I haven’t really contributed to savings.  We had some serious family hurdles to overcome.   I had a falling out with a friend. And a few other mishaps.  So 27 wasn’t horrible but it  absolutely wasn’t one of my best.  I’m someone who really tries to evaluate situations and take life for what it is all while continuing to move forward.  It has become apparent that the world won’t stop because of my devastation and life will keep going no matter what happens to me.  So I feel good about my ability to constantly move forward no matter the circumstance.  It’s life.  I believe in survival of the fittest and I am one of the fittest.

So as I look back at the last year, I’m disappointed in certain things but I’ve also realized how much I’ve learned about myself.  I dedicated time to becoming a healthy woman and I accomplished a huge fitness goal.  I have realized that my life is on a specific path for a reason and although I’m unsure of that reason, I’m comfortable with continuing to work my ass off and letting it all fall into place.  I have met more influential people this year than in any other year of my life.  That in itself is huge.  I have been blessed to work with, talk to and be encouraged by some women who make 30, 40, 50 and 60 look and seem amazing! They make aging easier for me because if I can live my life with their grace and great attitude, I can be happy at any age.

Inspiration was the theme of 27 for me.  And when I really think about it, inspiration is one of the most important things in my life.  I can’t do my job without it.  It fuels my good moods.  It helps me help others.  It makes me create beautiful things with words.  It is my everything and I’ve figured out how to get it and keep it.  My “I” as I call it, is something that I treasure and am so grateful for.  So if that alone was what 27 brought me, than I can look back at the last year of my life and feel pretty good.  Things don’t always happen when you want or expect them to, but that’s what makes surprise, accomplishment and success that much sweeter.

So I will enjoy the last two years of my twenty’s.  I will keep working hard, finding my place in this world and helping others do the same.  Maybe I will have 32 in common with my dad and to be honest I think I’m looking forward to my thirties.



?What age scares or has scared you?  I love when other’s share their stories of acceptance and denial when it comes to age.


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