Happiness and Little Perfections.

Happiness…  Have you ever truly examined what it means to be happy, to get happy and to stay happy?

Happiness is universal to a some extent.  Health, family, love, friendship, comfort, and children are a few of the things that most would agree make them happy.  But what are the things that create individual happiness? What are the things that make you happy that may not even get the attention of someone else?

We are all different and many of us never really analyze what kinds of things make us happy.  It’s such an easy feeling to feel but when it’s gone, we can spend a lot of time trying to get it back.  When terrible things happen in life, happiness leaves us.  Hopefully it’s only for a short time but what if it’s not?  What if you can’t feel that positive feeling for months or even years?  How does one continue to live without it?  I suggest really paying attention to the little things that make you happy, because some day you may need them in order to pull you through a dark time.  Think of these things as your weapons against sadness, anger, depression and any other negative emotions. The more you have, the better your chances of winning the war.

I call them “Little Perfections.”  These are the small things in life that bring you joy.  They can be something as simple as a good cup of coffee or walking your dog on a sunny day.  The important thing is to notice what makes you happy outside of the obvious. Find out what your “Little Perfections” are.  If your world comes tumbling down around you tomorrow, what will help you come out of it okay?

People should live their lives with intent.  And intending to live happily is a commitment.  It’s up to you to find your happiness and keep it.  Even if it fades at times, it never has to completely leave you.  If you do the work, it will pay off.

I had a very specific time in my life when happiness left me.  I was young and I took it for granted.  When the person who made me most happy was tragically taken, I lost myself and every bit of happy that I had.  Lucky for me, I had people in my life that refused to let me live in my own misery for very long.  It took a couple months for me to feel like living again.  Nothing seemed the same and positivity was gone.  Once I realized that life wouldn’t stop for me and that everything around me kept moving forward leaving me behind, I decided to pick myself up and get back to living my life.  Sadness can last forever if you let it.  I started doing the little things that made me happy.  Talking to the people who I knew could pull me out of my funk.  Seeking out the foods that I enjoyed eating and appreciating the taste and smell.  Spending time alone with my dog because I believe an animal can be a therapist. Buying beautiful flowers.  Reading inspiring words.  And telling myself over and over again that this is only temporary.  Pain fades and happiness will come back.

I was right.  It came back and it came back with more power than ever.

I have now dedicated myself to being happy.  Of course I have my days.  I sulk and I get down on myself when things aren’t going as planned, but I can pull myself out.  I have spent the time figuring out my specific happiness and all the “Little Perfections” in my life. For this reason I think the majority of my life will be extremely enjoyable.

Love yourself enough to prepare for the times when you will desperately need HAPPINESS.  Will you be able to find it, keep it and truly appreciate it?

What makes you happy?  What are some “Little Perfections” in your life?


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