The Body Image Workshop by Proud & Pretty in Pink

In a few weeks I will be hosting an event called “The Body Image Workshop” with my company Proud and Pretty in Pink.  It is my latest project and I’ve spent long hours creating great content in order for this to be one of our best events yet.  Celebrity guest speakers from an online organization called Team True Beauty will be there to share some of their stories and talk with the girls.  We are dedicating the entire 4 hours to empower and educate the girls that attend.  The event is open for girls in middle school – college and tickets are available on our website.  It will be held at the Double Tree hotel in Culver City on Sunday, March 16, 2014 from 11am-3pm.

general adI have been working with girls on body image, self-esteem and sexual health education for the past 5 years.  It has become my full time job and each year I fall a little more in love with what I do.  This specific event is geared only towards body image with discussion on how it affects self-esteem.  It’s hard being a girl in today’s society due to the overwhelming amount of media and social media.  They are all being conditioned to feel and think that they need to look a certain way.  It’s incredibly sad to watch them struggle with their insecurities.  We want to help them understand that the pressures can be overcome.  They can be exactly who they want to be and women like us will stand behind their choices.  Proud & Pretty in Pink is a community of girls and women that lift each other up.  We educate so girls have the confidence to make better decisions for their lives.  We support them in all their endeavors and we make sure they know we are here if they need to talk about anything at all.

As we get closer to this event I am becoming more excited to share so many wonderful things with the 60 girls that attend.  I have met many amazing young women in the past few years and I can not put into words what each of them means to me.  They are my inspiration and my drive.  They give me more than they could ever know. And during this event, while we are working to inspire the girls, I know we as women, will be inspired ourselves by their stories and thoughts.  It is a beautiful thing when we can come together, not as women and girls of different ages, but as females who can share their struggles and discuss ways to persevere.

My main goal for this event is for the girls to leave feeling better about themselves and the way they look.  I want them to be able to analyze the media and recognize the “trickery” that goes on within it.  I want them to be able to look at a magazine cover and fully understand that those images of women are not real.  They are false representations of real women.  I want them to believe that their body is different and beautiful and it does not have to look like any image they see in the media.  I don’t believe that we can change the media, but I have confidence that we can change the way girls look at the media.  That is what I intend to pursue.

If you are or know a girl in middle school – college please let them know about this event.  It will be an unforgettable 4 hours full of information, fun, discussion and a lot of inspiring words.  The women from Proud & Pretty in Pink and Team True Beauty will take care of the girls who attend and make sure they leave feeling a lot better than they did when they walked through the door.  We will provide Discussion, Activities, Girl Talk, Gift Bags, T-Shirts and a lot of Empowerment.

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For more information on who the guest speakers are and for full details please visit our website at If you have any questions you can email me personally at  We hope to see some new beautiful faces on March 16th.  Please share this on all of your social media.  Follow us at @ProudandPretty and hashtag #PPPTTB.  We appreciate you!




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