A FIT Life.

Have you ever really considered what fitness can do for your life?  Have you experienced the accomplishment and change that it brings when you commit to your goals?  I didn’t care to be fit a couple years ago.  I hated the thought of exercise and other than cheer or softball when I was younger, I never really did much physical activity.

I married an extremely active man.  He has an extensive background in health, fitness and nutrition.  Working out is part of his every day and for the majority of our relationship we just understood that that would not be something we had in common.  A year and a half ago, I was challenged in a big way.  And I accepted.  I started on a fitness journey to run a half marathon.  The constant progression and sense of accomplishment was like a drug to me.  I finished the half marathon and completed every goal I set.  I haven’t stopped since.  Fitness has become a part of my life and I’m so happy I have finally accepted the fact that I need to workout in order to live a long and happy life.  I am in the best shape of my life at the age of 28 and I feel strong and happy.  I’ve now started lifting weights along with my running regimen.  I love my body more than ever and it’s not all about what it looks like.  I’m so impressed by what it can do that I have found a new respect for myself.  It feels great!

Recently my husband finished our new website.  FitRansom.com is a place where you can find workouts, nutrition plans, motivation and interesting blog posts.  It is all updated weekly so every Sunday morning you will have brand new workouts and meal plans for the new week.  The best part of it all is that it’s FREE!  If you are looking for some extra motivation follow FitRansom on social media.  The workouts are interesting and challenging and never boring.  We provide you with everything you need in order to get the body you want.  You just have to commit.


I am proud to say I am a FitRansom girl and I plan to stick with it.  If you are reading this, please take some time to check it out.  We’d love your feedback and if you choose to use the site we’d love to hear about your progress.

Choose to be FIT.  Choose to be HAPPY.  Choose to be HEALTHY.  It is so worth it and you will soon find that out once you start to reach your goals.  The decision to start is half the battle.



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