The Busy Mind, Body & Soul

Do you take care of your mind, body and soul when life gets busy?

How do you take care of yourself when life gets in the way?  I think this is a question that many of us need to ask ourselves because these hectic moments can be made easier if we knew how to better prepare ourselves for them.  We can mentally, emotionally and physically over extend ourselves very easily.  We need to pay attention to our minds, bodies and souls.  When you get stressed or over worked it can affect so many aspects of your life.  When you are thrown off your game, it can make you feel like someone else.  I experienced this yesterday and I hated it! I’ve been trying to figure out how to avoid this in the future.

I’m someone who mentally exhausts myself.  I hosted a Body Image Workshop for girls yesterday and while driving home from LA, I was almost zombie like.  I never notice how much of myself I put into projects until they are finished and I can breathe.  Yesterday was a huge success but I didn’t feel that great afterwards.  I didn’t eat one thing all day until about 4pm.  I didn’t take any time to just relax and enjoy what was happening around me.  I put all my energy into thinking, planning and organizing for months.  When I got home last night I kept replaying certain things in my mind and I was emotional.  After a day of talking about how to love and embrace your body, I didn’t show mine much love for the past week.  I was disappointed in myself for that.

I was a different person by the end of the day yesterday and I wasn’t a huge fan of her.  Irritable, exhausted, emotional and weak.  Not my favorite things to be.

Today I woke up with a better mindset.  I was rested and I have been paying extra attention to my body and mind all day.  I think it’s important to take that time in order to regroup.  Tomorrow I will start planning something new but today is for me. I drank a big cup of coffee and meal planned for the week.  I grocery shopped this morning so I have healthy foods to cook and eat.  I worked out hard because I neglected my body last week.  I started reading a new inspiring book because my mind needs to relax and enjoy something new.  And last but certainly not least, I wrote.  I feel like eating, exercising, reading and writing are the best possible things I can do for myself when I’ve done too much.  Eating right and working out takes care of my body, reading helps my mind and writing is my soul.

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What are some things you do for YOU when life gets crazy?  It happens to all of us at some point.  It’s nice to share some solutions so others can possibly benefit.

I’d love to hear from you.





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5 responses to “The Busy Mind, Body & Soul

  1. Sarah Hawkins

    I sleep in, make a pot of loose leaf tea, and read and write al day. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie that relaxes me, like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Making the tea is really relaxing, you wait for the water boil, then cool down, and then you wait for the tea to steep, smelling the aroma as it gets stronger.

  2. I often find that when life feels as though it is out of control and chaotic, I write lists of what I need to do and already I feel better! I also know that I feel a lot better in general when I have a regular exercise routine and I am eating a balanced diet – but not dieting!
    I absolutely love your blog, the header with the white hearts is so so gorgeous!
    Sass x

    • I totally agree with you! I’m a list writer as well. And I still do it the old fashioned way with paper and a pen 🙂 Exercise and good food are incredibly important in my life as well. I can definitely feel it when I’ve fallen off my routine. Thank you for reading and your compliments. I appreciate it all very much!!!

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