What I Found on Vacation

“I think life shows us who we really are during the worst possible moments.  I think we actually find who we are during the best ones.” -C.A.P

My family and I recently went to Hawaii and the only thing I was expecting to get from this amazing week was fun, sun and relaxation.  But I got a lot more.  I realized many things about myself and the people I love most.

I stayed away from social media, emails and phone calls. I made sure to focus on the moment and not what I had to do when I got home.  The entire week was spent in the sun in one way or another.  I am a very fair skinned person so I’m not the hugest fan of the sun.  But with plenty of sunscreen and good preparation I was it’s biggest fan during these 7 days.  Laying on the beach in it, hiking in beautiful places with it, sitting at dinner and watching it go down. I actually was sad when I wasn’t in it’s presence.  I felt a positivity and happiness that were stronger than ever.  I can honestly say I felt that way the entire week.  People say that vacations re-charge your battery but I didn’t really get it until this specific vacation.  And I wasn’t the only one.

075My sister works a grueling  job.  10 hour days, sometimes 6 days a week.  Always on her feet, always dealing with people.  Many nice, but many mean as well. She has a lot of responsibility. She comes home and is exhausted, both physically and mentally.  She feels she is missing out on life because her schedule is so unforgiving.  But this vacation did something to her.  She came home with a different outlook on life.  She is determined to figure out a way to live the way she wants to even though her schedule makes it difficult.  She now understands the importance of work life balance and her mood has improved.  We were in a hotel room together for 7 days and not once did we argue.  This is rare for two women who have an opinion, an attitude and a slight issue with the way one keeps a room clean 🙂 But I think we were both too happy and content to get on each other’s nerves.

On this trip I also realized just how compatible my husband and I are.  I’ve known this for years but this vacation set it in stone.  We search for the same kinds of thrills and we enjoy the physical part of an adventure.  We admire beautiful things and being together made everything a little more exciting.  We rarely disagree on what makes us happy both individually and as a couple.  At home it’s different.  We’re photo 1 (2) copy 3always so busy with life that sometimes we forget to really focus on each other.  And while it doesn’t affect us negatively, it sure doesn’t affect us positively either.  On this vacation we realized how much we actually enjoy each other’s company.  It sounds weird but with school, work and outside distraction sometimes we take for granted the amazing partner we’ve chosen in life.  It was a perfect place to remember that exact thing.

So all this happened because of one week in Hawaii?

I think so!

I’ve been through a lot of hard times in my 28 years of life.  I feel that those times are largely responsible for the woman I’ve become.  But I haven’t really given much credit to the times in my life that were great.  These times far out weigh the bad ones but somehow I’ve managed to look past them because hard times have created bolder memories in my mind.  I had an amazing childhood.  I’ve done some cool things.  I’ve experienced a few great places.  But it took going to Hawaii with my best friends (husband, sister and cousin) to really feel like I found a new piece of myself.  One that is happy, positive, adventurous and content. I’m constantly looking for more in life.  I’m never fully satisfied and instead of dwelling on this fact, I’ve decided to simply continue moving forward.  Taking advantage of good opportunity. Praising myself for the beautiful ideas I’m able to come up with.  And being content with the simplicity all while continuing to reach higher.

I believe finding that balance you need in life is something many of us search for forever.  I love self help books and positive quotes and empowering poetry.  But finding who you really are and what makes you happy isn’t going to happen by reading.  It happens while you’re standing on a cliff looking at miles of blue ocean with the sun beating down on your face as the wind pushes against you as if it’s pushing you towards something great.  This is the kind of moment that gives you what you’ve been searching for.  It helps you see that moments like these are what we need to make sure we give ourselves.

photo 2 copy 3

As I get older I perceive things differently.  I’m more in tune with my body and mind.  I appreciate the little things so much more.  I feel like I’ve started to figure it all out.  And while I know that there will be many more times in life when I question it all, at least I have a place that I can go to figure it all out again.

So make sure you take vacations!  This was the first real vacation I’ve taken in my adult life and I will make sure to keep them in our yearly routine for the rest of our lives.

Has a vacation helped you find something about yourself that you’ve been looking for?  Comment. I’d love to hear about it!



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3 responses to “What I Found on Vacation

  1. Courtney

    When I finally started earning enough money and vacation days to travel, a whole new world opened up to me. There are so many places on Earth to see and experience!
    Great post Chelsie! Glad you all had fun!

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