139 Days to 26.2

Last week I made the decision to commit myself to training for a marathon.  I’ve debated and considered it for over a year now.  I think it’s finally time.  Today marks Day 1 of the 20 week training plan I’ve decided to follow.  As I ran the first of many runs this morning, I thought a lot during those 3 miles about what I’ve committed to.  And while I definitely have feelings of anxiety and fear, I have more feelings of strength and determination to accomplish the biggest fitness goal I will ever set out to do.  That is pretty heavy.  Back in September 2012 when I said yes to a half marathon, I never knew what I was going to gain from running.  I couldn’t have known that it would change me for the better in many more ways than just physically. When I accomplished that 13.1, I realized that I had never felt something like that before. I am a better person because of running and I feel that there is just one more level to accomplish before I can be truly satisfied.  My nutrition, exercise and mental prep is all going to change from now until November.  I’m looking forward to the discipline and training it will take in order to get where I need to be.

photo (5) copy

So as I set out on this very personal and difficult adventure, I will share the moments of pain, strength and weakness. And on November 16, 2014 I will run towards the most difficult goal I’ve set for myself.   Any encouragement and/or advice is welcome here.


Running Chelsie


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