116 Days to 26.2: 3 miles, Nutrition and Sports Bras

I almost died on a 3 mile run, I really like oatmeal and I have the uncontrollable urge to take off my sports bra the second I’m back home from a run!  It’s been an interesting 3 weeks…

I am in week 4 of a 20 week training program.  So far the training has been pretty good.  I’ve been working to improve my pace which is getting better each week.  Last week I went out for one of my 3 mile runs.  I have to admit that I didn’t eat before running and I half-assed my stretching.  Well the run taught me a painful lessen.  I cramped pretty bad, I felt fatigued and the miles seemed to take forever to end.  But to my surprise I ran each mile under 9 minutes.  That seemed impossible to me as I was almost brought to tears multiple times during the 3 miles.  In my opinion, the best thing about running is the mental toughness it requires.  And on that day I felt like I could die. (Slight exaggeration but it was pretty bad.)

I have a couple great friends who are there with me on weekend runs.  I’ve known them since high school.  He plans to train with me until the marathon or until he can’t anymore and she just had a baby so walking and pushing the stroller is a great way to get in some exercise while supporting me at the same time.  I’m extremely grateful for them both. Most of my runs are done solo, so to get together at the end of each week is something I look forward to.

I’ve found that a pre-run meal of oatmeal, a banana and a glass of milk is what helps me feel best during the run.  I’m still working to improve my overall nutrition.  I’m still not eating enough because I’m finding it really hard to eat when I’m not hungry.  But common sense and my husband let me know that I’ve got to fuel my body the best way I can.  So it’s still a work in progress.

I haven’t been doing too well with cross-training either.  I hike on the weekends but this week is the first week that I’ve actually done some strength training.  I plan on incorporating swimming in the next week or so.

I’ve been taking off my shirt and sports bra right when I walk through the door after a run.  The sweat mixed with tight clothing irritates me so much.  I make my protein shake, stretch and then ice my knees and chins while topless and I’m pretty sure that I need to get over this because there will probably come a time where my surroundings don’t permit topless icing.  But until then, I’VE GOT TO BE FREE!

I’m still feeling encouraged and excited about the process.  5 miles is as far as I’ve gone and the next few weeks pick up quick. I am hopeful that I can stay injury free and fix my nutrition so that I can be the best runner I possibly can for this marathon in November!

To all the runners out there, as my amazing marathoner Uncle would say… RUN ON!




photo 1 (2)

My Current Running Faves:  C9 Seamless Sports Bra from Target, Asics Running Shoes, Pink Grapefruit Cleansing Towlettes, Vanilla Protein Powder/milk/frozen banana/ice, Belkin Arm Band.

Favorite running article I read this week:  http://greatist.com/fitness/ultimate-guide-running-lingo


photo 3

Body Changes:  I’ve decided to keep track of how my body changes through out the training process. I’m hoping to avoid weight loss and gain a little more muscle.  (This is at the start of week 4)





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7 responses to “116 Days to 26.2: 3 miles, Nutrition and Sports Bras

  1. I like to get my sweaty clothes off as fast as possible after a run too! Luckily most of my runs end at home, where it’s not a big deal to strip down. But yeah, running a race or at the gym, not such a great idea – so I just get home asap!

    • I try to have all my runs end at home too! It’s weird because I didn’t feel this way while training for a half 2 years ago. Now I almost can’t stand it. Funny!!!

  2. Wyn

    Great read Chelsie, you made me smile with your quest for freedom. Whatever works honey! Sending love xx

  3. I agree with you that the best part of running is the mental aspect of it and how we learn that we had do anything we set our minds to. Would you recommend Asics sneakers? I run in Saucony or Nike and debating on getting a pair of Brooks since I am due for a new pair. Suggestion on your fav running sneaker? Glad to have stumbled on your blog!

    • Yes! I would totally recommend Asics for running. I’ve tried Nike and they hurt my feet pretty bad. My toes always end up slipping forward and jamming the front of the shoe. I haven’t tried any others because Asics have been so awesome for me.

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