71 days to 26.2: New Marathon, Montana and Shin Splits

Deciding to train for a marathon was a big thing for me.  The actual training process has been awesome on so many levels.  I have spent the last 9 weeks running 4-5 days a week, icing injuries, laughing with a good friend, pushing my limits and learning that I can do absolutely anything I set my mind to.

When I decided to start training I had my heart set on the Rock n Roll Marathon in Vegas on Nov. 16th.  Plans have now changed and I’m running the Santa Barbara Veterans Day Marathon on Nov. 8th.  It’s a week earlier than planned but I will be running in beautiful Santa Barbara, supporting our veterans and enjoying the ocean during the last 2 miles of the hardest physical thing I will probably ever do.  Sounds pretty awesome to me!  

So here’s my update for training thus far:

About 3 weeks ago I started to get some pretty bad shin splints.  I’ve never experienced shin pain before and it is no joke!  I tried to ignore it during a couple short runs but after doing research and the pain increasing I had to take a couple days off.  With some rest, a lot of ice and compression sleeves I’m back to feeling almost 100%.  

photo (5) copy

Running along side ponds with the biggest sky above me and the freshest air around me. Running in Montana is like nothing else.

I was in Montana last week and enjoyed a couple scenic runs.  My parents were born and raised in a small town and going back is something I always look forward to. This trip was different because it was the first time that I have been since both my grandma’s died.  I ran up to the cemetery on one of my runs and spent some time with each of them.  I cried a little, I talked about my life and how much I miss them and then I ran back to my aunts house.  It was the best run I’ve had since starting this process. I felt strong and confident. My legs felt good and breathing was easy. It was a great hour of my day and I’m so happy I took the route I did and felt the emotions that I felt.  

August has been a great running month for me.  I have a cousin and an uncle who are distance runners.  I was able to spend a good amount of time with each of them this month and running came up a time or two.  My cousin is a senior at Laurel High School in Laurel, Montana.  He took third in state last season and he averages about 40 miles per week. He’s humble, he’s amazingly talented and he’s someone to look out for. Read a great article about hopes for his senior year HERE. My favorite quote in the article… “When that gun goes up, I change.” 🙂 My uncle started running two years ago at 50 years old.  He has a couple marathons under his belt and when I talk to him about running, his passion and love for the sport inspires me. Running is the love of his life and I am encouraged every time I talk to him about it.  These two great men make me want to be better. I admire the amount of time and dedication each of them gives to the sport they love.

I have a 10 mile run on Saturday followed by 12 and 14 the following Saturdays. 10 miles was tough two weeks ago but totally doable.  I’m looking forward to the increase and the struggle.

To all my fellow runners training for their 1st marathon, I hope you feel encouraged.  I hope you feel strong and most of all I hope you are proud of yourself for the dedication and strength it takes to do this.  To all the runners who have already run marathons and continue to do so, I admire you.  You are a group of people that exude power, drive and never ending determination.  

Happy Running to Everyone!



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4 responses to “71 days to 26.2: New Marathon, Montana and Shin Splits

  1. Congrats on making the decision to run your first marathon! I am training for my first one as well and its scary and awesome at the same time! Good luck!!

  2. Get it, girl! I have so much respect for marathoners – it’s something I could never do!

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