This Body…

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This is the body I was ashamed of. It was too skinny, too weak and not womanly enough. This is the body I am now proud of. It will run 26.2 miles soon. It lifts weights. It hikes mountains and it takes me where I want to go. It does absolutely amazing things for me and now I’ve realized it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  I love it, I heal it and I nurture it. It conquers obstacles many others will never try and I am grateful for it now more than ever.

To all the girls and women who have been obsessing about trying to make your body look a certain way, STOP.  You’ll have greater results if you nourish it, be kind to it and push it towards accomplishing great things.  You’ll start to like it. Not for the way it looks but for the way it moves.  You’ll appreciate it’s abilities.  You’ll love it’s power.  And most of all you’ll let go of what you think it should be and really start to be happy with what it is.

Work out.  Set Goals. Eat reasonably healthy. Have fun. Sweat. Push past your comfort zone.  There’s a good chance that these things will do wonders for your body image issues.  I say that from first hand experience. I’m almost cured.




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