15 Ways to be More FABULOUS in 2015

As I thought about my new years goals and what I wanted to change in 2015, there was one common theme.  I want to be more Fabulous!  Now what fabulous means… that’s were it gets tricky.  The definition of fabulous is: of an incredible, astonishing, or exaggerated nature.  I think being fabulous is an entire way of life.  It’s the way you think, act, react and live. It’s the way you take care of yourself, carry yourself and believe in yourself.  It’s intelligence, it’s beauty, it’s positivity.  It’s doing what you love and loving what you do.  I decided to come up with 15 ways to be more fabulous in 2015 and I wanted to share them with all of you.  Every year I work on becoming a better version of myself and this year in particular, I’ll work on making my life absolutely fabulous.

These are 15 things that I have chosen for myself. Some are about appearance because lets be honest, feeling good about the way you look does wonders for your confidence. Some are character building because doing a little soul searching is what everyone needs. And others are for creating a more well rounded me!

1. Take more weekend trips- Trips rejuvenate us and also give us something to look forward to. My husband and I live very busy lives.  Sometimes we forget about the importance of just being.  So we have decided that every other month we will take a weekend trip to get away and be with each other.  Every time we’ve done this in the past we have renewed the passion, love and fun in our relationship.  This year we will make an extra effort to spend time away together.  The months that I don’t go away with my husband, I will go away with my girls. Whether it be for a night or two, I want to spend some quality time with them.  We are wives and/or mothers and we are busy with work.  We miss each other and I vow to do the girls nights and sleepovers because I’m a happier person when I do.  My friends and sister are my true soul mates and our time together is never time wasted.

2. Try new kinds of fitness- I’ve been a runner for two years now.  I have spent the majority of my fit life, running and running and doing more running.  After running a marathon in November 2014, I’ve decided that this year I’m stepping back from long distance (although weekly runs are still on my schedule), I’m trying new things. Yoga, kick boxing, spinning, weight lifting and more are on my agenda. I encourage this in everyone because it is so easy to get bored with your fitness routine. The key is to mix it up so you continue to stay excited and look forward to what’s next.  Take classes with your friends, go on hikes, create new challenges and goals. Fitness is a must if you want to live a fabulous life.

3. Keep your nails done- Often when people think about nice nails they think about nail salons and pricy manicures but that doesn’t have to be the case.  You can give some TLC to your nails all on your own.  I feel like nails can give you a little glimpse into someones life. Plain nails can indicate the natural type or the too busy type.  Nails that are chipped can say “I once cared but now I don’t. I’m too lazy to fix the problem so I just won’t.” There’s just something about a well manicured hand that screams fabulous!  Everyone can see your hands.  You look at them every day.  Take care of them. Pamper them and for goodness sakes, beautify them! Whether it be a simple mani with a natural color or nail-tastic bright color that puts you in a good mood, just keep your nails done.  I go through phases with my nails.  I’ll go months without any polish or cuticle care.  Then I’ll be obsessive over it all.  This year, I’m making it a part of my bi weekly routine to pamper my nails.


4. Take extra care of your hair and skin- Hair can really take you from feeling average and dull to extraordinary and fabulous.  A good head of hair can do wonders for your confidence.  It can be one of the most important accessories you have.  So cut it regularly, stay up on your color if that’s what you do, and wash it!  (There’s nothing worse than greasy hair and parts on it’s own.) Style your hair instead of always putting it up in a bun or ponytail. Curl it or straighten it or braid it or enhance the natural characteristics that make it so unique. But above all else, nurture it. I have never been daring when it comes to my hair.  I’ve been boring. I’ve waited too many months between coloring and cuts, and the gray hair and split ends are proof. 2015 will be different for me. Another important aspect of our confidence is our skin. Many of us have problems with ache, wrinkles and/or dark spots. Some of us are luckier and don’t struggle with these things as much.  Whatever your skin is like, do what you need to do to preserve its beauty and health. Drink water, eat well and find the products that work for you. This year I plan to get facials and spend more time researching the products and foods that will work to keep my skin beautiful. I’ll also be trying a few home remedies from this great article.

5. Focus on preventative health- Too many people wait until something goes wrong to really look at their health.  Are you living a healthy lifestyle?  I’m not talking about running miles everyday and eating a salad for dinner every night.  I’m talking about overall health.  Are you going to the doctor for check ups?  Do you see your dentist every 6 months?  Are you feeding your body well?  Are you controlling your stress levels?  Are you getting enough physical activity as well as sleep?  All of these things are so important and they do wonders for the way we feel about ourselves.  So try thinking more about preventing illness and injury this year.

6. Read books about fabulous women- Embrace aspects of their lives. Be inspired by their stories. Find pieces of their style that you can recreate in your wardrobe. Learn about their struggles and how they overcame them. And most importantly, appreciate the fact that they were and are fabulous women! Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Eve Ensler, Marilyn Monroe and Carrie Bradshaw are a few of my favorites.


7. Gain perspective- So many of us live in our own little world.  One in which we are used to our routine and our lives.  There is so much out there for us.  So many people to meet, stories to hear, places to travel and volunteering to do.  I encourage it all. Talk to a stranger and listen to their story. Go somewhere and see something you haven’t yet. And go out and help someone. In the end perspective helps build character and it makes us appreciate our lives.

8. Surround yourself with Fabulous people- You are who you hang out with right?  Encourage positive attitudes and lead by example.  Find people who share your mindset and goals. Talk about the appeal of hard work and success. Give compliments and help make others feel confident about themselves. Share vacation ideas, restaurant reviews and new life enhancing ideas that have worked for you.  But be careful not to be forceful or obnoxious.  No one likes someone who tells others how to live their lives.

9. If you are a dog person, make them fabulous too- Love them, train them, treat them to good food, dress them in pretty things (if you like that kind of thing).  Your animals are a big reflection on you.  If they are well behaved and well groomed that says something about their owner.  Dogs make our lives better so we should make their’s fabulous.

10. Wear more Pearls- There’s no explanation for this. Pearls are just FABULOUS! They can make any outfit a little more Fab.

11. Update your panty/pajama wardrobe- Throw out the old underwear and your grandma pajamas and replace them with a few pairs of grown woman, sexy sheik and flirty fun.  I am so guilty of holding onto underwear that have a hole, are faded or that I’ve owned for half a decade.  “They still do the job” is my way of thinking, but I don’t feel sexy or fabulous in those old pairs.  And my pajama game is weak.  Old sweat pants, t-shirts and many pairs of flannels that have shrunk and are now high waters!  They are horrible.  My husband really loves them, sike!  I just went through my drawers and through out all my old stuff. We all should pick up a few pairs of new panties. Add a new pajama set to your drawer every once in awhile. Slowly, or quickly, let go of all that old crap.  You are a grown and fabulous woman and your intimates should show that!

12. Spend time on your HOME- This is the place where you spend much of your life.  You sleep there, eat there, love there and relax there.  It should be a place that reflects your style.  It should be a place you’re proud of.  Your home is yours and it should look like you.  Decorate to show your personality. Keep it clean and organized. Create comfy rooms that you look forward to being in. Hang pictures, add color, find unique pieces and most importantly make it a place that helps you live better.  I love Home Goods, Target and Hobby Lobby for my home decor.

13. Eat great food in amazing places- Experience the food of different cultures. Dine in pretty restaurants, sit in unique coffee shops, go somewhere just to eat something you’ve never tried before. No matter if you love it or hate it, the experience will be worth it. Remember the tastes and textures. Take in the color and presentation. Enjoy it with the best of company.  Food is a fabulous part of life and it should be enjoyed with good drinks and better people.


14. Learn how to do what YOU want- A very important lesson that many of us need to learn and embrace is to say NO. If you don’t want to go there or do that, then don’t. Say No when something doesn’t interest or benefit you. Say No when you’re not in the mood to be around those people. Say No when someone suggests something to you that you don’t like. Just say NO whenever you feel the need to.  So many of us are yes people. We try to help everyone, make them happy, look like superwoman, be easy going, spend time doing what others want us to do. You should always be #1 to you! Period.

15. Save Money- This is probably the most important thing on this list.  I know I’ve listed some things that require spending but the amount of spending is strictly up to you.  There are so many blogs and people out there that show you how to be fabulous for less. I saw this on a friend’s Instagram recently: Shout out to @polishedpractical_style


Her comment included this quote: “There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no independence quite so important, as living within your means. -Calvin Coolidge.”  People who save money are responsible.  They are conscious of their futures, the emergency situations that can arise and the fact that they are the only ones who can create a secure life for themselves. Someone who has it together and doesn’t try to live a lifestyle that they can’t afford, is someone to admire. Responsibility with a little risk is Fabulous in my book!

So there they are. 15 things I’m working on this year to be more fabulous than ever before.  This is my last year in my 20’s and I plan on going into my 30’s with a FABULOUS bang!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for the new year.



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First picture of the New Year!



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3 responses to “15 Ways to be More FABULOUS in 2015

  1. Jax

    These are great suggestions! Self care is so important It’s helpful to have practical tips to do nice things for yourself. I try to make them part of a routine so it becomes second nature.

  2. Lenders can require deposits of up to two months’ worth of payments.

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