29 Years Of…

I’m turning 29 next week and I’ve been thinking a lot about what has happened in my 29 years of life.  I have seen some amazing things, felt some of the best feelings, experienced some of the worst tragedies and I’m fortunate enough to still be here and be happy.  My childhood was a great one, my teen years were pretty normal, my early twenties were hard and my late twenties were fantastic.

I was raised to be independent. I was told never to settle. I watched happy, hard working and loving parents raise two happy, healthy and adventurous little girls.  I was given a solid foundation to build whatever kind of life I wanted. I was encouraged to dream and chase those dreams until they became a reality. I was told I was worth it and I’ve never doubted that.

I have traveled in small doses but it has been enough to keep me content. I have witnessed beautiful love stories and I’ve experienced  tragic endings. Death has been something I’ve known too well but I’ve also watched many live life as if death would never catch them.

I’ve known heartache. I’ve seen betrayal. I’ve spent nights crying myself to sleep. I’ve let people go.

I’ve known love and I have been blessed to have found the true love of my life. I married a man who admires me, believes in me, pushes me, lives for me and knows that I am his equal partner in this life we are living together.

I’ve known phenomenal human beings and I continue to meet more that change the way I see myself, the world and humanity in general.

I have seen angels. I have felt God. I have wished for more knowledge and understanding. I’ve been taught that my mind will never be able to hold what my heart and soul already do.  I have had my faith tested and I still believe in miracles.

I have failed at many things but I’ve succeeded at many more. I still want children and I want to grow old with A.A Prince.  I want to watch my parents with their grandchildren and I want those children to learn the lessons I’ve learned.

I want to see more, do more and be more.  I guess the real point is that I have lived 29 years of real, passionate, meaningful life. My 29 years have been important and for that I am grateful and excited as I spend the last year of this decade admiring the ones that came before it and preparing for the ones to follow.  Here’s to 29… the last of the twenties, the prep for the thirties and the realization that a lot has happened and that there’s so much more to come.





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  1. Branko

    Hi, I found your story amongst many others on the internet and I really like it. I think that everybody have their own experience regarding aging and changes in life… I will be thirty in October and I fell little bit dizzy about getting older, but I know that getting older also means that we are getting more stable, settled and relaxed toward potential life obstacles. I am not native English speaker so sorry if I misspelled word or sentence.

    Best regards,

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