Dreams, Business and Reality


So many of us are dreamers. We grow up believing that we can do whatever we choose to do in this life. We’re taught that hard work, dedication and drive will get us to the next level. When we’re young we play games which involve us owning businesses. Games where we run the show and dictate our own lives. We go through school knowing that grades are important, connections will get us further and extracurriculars look good on applications. We go to sleep thinking about our adult lives and all the wonderful things we will conquer in our lifetime. As we get older, life presents obstacles. Sometimes ones we couldn’t have prepared for if we tried. We realize that the real world is hard and getting to the next level is not like getting an A or staying up all night to prepare for the big presentation. We change and grow with the ever-changing demands of society. We still hope for the same things as our young selves once did, but the route we take to get there is altered. Discouragement, hopelessness and anger are more prominent than before. Reality is a bit different than our dreams yet we still tend to dream big and push forward.

Success, financial stability, happiness and love are big components of the millennial lifestyle. We go to bed thinking about it, we wake up ready for it and we spend our lives reaching for it. We live in homes that reflect our situations. Our mirrors have seen smiles and tears. They’ve heard pep talks and threats of giving up. Our floors are worn from the constant moving around, moving up and falling down. Our walls are built with that same work ethic, dedication and drive we were taught about so long ago and still so many of us are struggling to figure it all out. So putting all bullshit aside… What does it take for dreams, business and reality to all live in the same house?


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