Healthy is Pretty

So often we are influenced by beauty campaigns showing off makeup, skin care, clothing and perfume.  I wish you saw these kinds of campaigns for healthy living and eating.  Girls run out and buy the newest lipstick because Carrie Underwood is wearing it in a commercial. Would it have the same effect if she was promoting fruits and vegetables?  What if those sexy Dior commercials with the bad ass music and the beautiful woman strutting down a run way is a gold dress, was selling the food she ate in order to have that confidence and body.  What if Dove commercials were selling creative ways to work out rather than selling soap.  “The Real Truth About Beauty” is that valuing your body and treating it with care and respect is the key to living healthy and feeling good in your own skin. And by value and respect, I mean not filling it with shit food and giving it the exercise it needs to thrive.  I hate how easily the media can influence our choices and thoughts about ourselves. But if these very suggestive commercials promoted shopping for healthy items, the benefits of physical activity and a new “You too could look like this” message, maybe we would have more people running to the store for health.


I went grocery shopping today and I bought 95% of what I needed from the perimeter of the store.  I only went to the middle for some spices, brown rice, peanut better, canned veggies and paper towels.  I had a list of what I needed which I organized according to the way the store is set up in order to make it an easy and quick trip. I can remember a few years ago when the only thing I bought from the perimeter of the store was chicken, cheese and milk.  I spent all my time in the middle buying chips, cookies, fruit snacks, Hamburger Helper meals and frozen pizzas.  So much has changed since I decided to change my lifestyle.  As I put things on the counter before putting them away, I admired how beautiful healthy food really is.  It’s colorful and fresh. It’s reminds me of vibrance and happiness. When I think of fast food and processed packaged food, I think of stomach aches and grease. Don’t get me wrong, I still love cheeseburgers and tacos.  I don’t deny myself things when I really want them, but I don’t want them as much anymore because I’ve decided to take a different path.  I don’t think it’s realistic to eliminate the “bad for you foods” from your life.  Those foods taste good!  But changing the way you look at the healthy options is key. Healthy foods can eventually taste good and the effects they will have on your body will be addicting after awhile.  Your energy, the changes in your body and the pride you feel will be worth the challenging lifestyle change.

I hope someday soon we see health being promoted in similar ways as beauty is promoted now.  Because those beauty commercials are selling those beauty products. The beauty commercials could switch focus from the things that make people “beautiful” on the outside and feature the things that can really make you feel beautiful from the inside out.  Let’s see people of all sizes who are happy, glowing and healthy promoting the activities and foods that make them that way.

What are your thoughts on this? Will it ever happen and could it work?



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3 responses to “Healthy is Pretty

  1. V

    I love this. I’m incorporating more fresh fruits and veggies into my diet lately. It actually saves me money on top of everything else!

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