NEW Sunscreen Obsession… Bare Republic

I’m always looking for better ways to protect my skin. I also always use a different sunscreen for my face than for my body.  For the last couple of years I’ve been using Neutrogena Clear Face.  I really like this sunscreen but in the last few months my husband and I have decided to make a few life changes.  We are buying organic food and trying to be more cautious about what we put in and on our bodies.  We are slowing incorporating better foods and products into our daily lives and I’m feeling really good about it!  So back to sunscreen… I was at Target last week and I was looking for sunscreen for a couple trips I have coming up. After spending about 10 minutes in that aisle I decided to try something new. BARE REPUBLIC caught my eye. Great packaging with everything you need to know on the front of the box. (Natural Mineral Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Chemical Free, Water Resistant).  I went on to look at the social media sites and there were so many great comments and reviews. So here’s mine:


I have extremely pale skin. I have had more sun burns then I can count. I am not a fan of aloe, vinegar baths, dark spots or skin cancer scares.  So in my adult years I have been a lot more responsible about using sunscreen. I look for non greasy, non heavy and good smelling sunscreen. Bare Republic is all of the above. It has a different texture than any other sunscreens I’ve used. It was extremely light weight and it went on smooth and dried almost instantly. It did feel greasy at first but it was dry within seconds with no greasy aftermath. My face felt smooth and it had a bit of a coconut smell. It smells like summer! It didn’t make my face feel gross and I put make up over it within 5 minutes. I applied once and I was in the sun for hours. I didn’t get my face wet and it does say to re apply after 40 minutes but without water I only applied once and was in the sun for an hour straight and then on and off for a couple more hours. I didn’t burn and I didn’t have any darker spots on my face either. Bare Republic SPF 30 FACE is a winner! I look forward to using this face sunscreen through out the summer and I’ll probably try the body sunscreen as well.  $15.00 for 1.7 oz and a little bit goes a long way. It’s a little more expensive than other sunscreens but feeling good about what you’re putting on your face is worth it. I have a new product obsession and this is it!


Check out Bare Republic on Instagram and Twitter: @BareRepublic


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