For Life Not For Abs!

Move constantly… Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten. Too many people are sitting on two opposite ends of the spectrum.  There are the sedentary who rarely participate in physical activity and prefer not to touch a vegetable. Then there are those who workout everyday, take too many supplements and obsess about body fat.  Why can’t more people find a happy medium?  Fitness is something that everyone should take part in. For health, for happiness and for life. It is necessary to keep your body in good functioning condition and it helps elevate stress.  With the fitness industry booming, there are many types of workouts to try for free on apps or in person for a range of costs.  Spend some time finding a workout that keeps you coming back. Your quality of living will improve with each sweat.  You’ll be a part of a community that encourages your goals and gives you great motivation.  There is such a thing as working out for health without worrying about abs and biceps. If they develop it’s a bonus but it shouldn’t be your reason for doing something you so desperately need to do. Workout for your life not for abs! Don’t let the magazines, Pinterest and Instagram pages, fitspo and whatever else you come across on a daily basis be your reason. Do it for fun and to feel good. Your body is capable of amazing things and you’ll never know it until you push yourself physically.  It’s never too late to start and you’ll never regret doing it. Here is a list of my 3 favorite types of workouts:

Barre– Find a studio close to you and go in to check it out. You can usually get 1 free class or find a Groupon that will give you a couple weeks for a low price. This workout tones, lifts and creates balance. It is a mixture of dance and pilates and it’s the most fun I’ve had working out.

Run- It’s free and you can do it anywhere! Running changed my life and my body image has improved because of this sport. 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, marathons… Try signing up for a race to add extra motivation. Crossing a finish line is a feeling like no other.

FitAffect Training– Online training with complete meal plans, grocery lists and weekly workouts is a great way to kick start your healthy lifestyle. Get on track with the help of an educated and experienced trainer. Have access to him 24/7 for questions and concerns. Let him worry about what you should be doing and all you have to do is follow the plan.

I hope you find something you end up loving. Let me know what workouts work for you!



Thank you to Light Frame Photo for capturing me right after turning 30 and feeling the healthiest I’ve ever felt. Older or better? I say better!


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