Update… A New Normal

So……… It’s been a little over a year since I’ve updated My Fab Simple Life.  I was struggling for a while and I was the most uninspired I’ve been in a very long time.  I write based on emotion and if I am an empty shell there isn’t much magic coming from my key board.  I have a lot of updating to do and I will in a series of posts.  Since my last writing I went through another frozen embryo transfer, got pregnant with twins, worked until I couldn’t, went on maternity leave, carried them full term without knowing the sex, delivered two healthy baby boys, struggled with a bit of postpartum depression/anxiety and I am now navigating through motherhood.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and my husband. We fought a good fight and we won.  I want my life to be as back to normal as possible in the next couple of months.  I want my body back (although it will always look a bit different than before).  I want to get back to work.  I want to raise happy, healthy, smart, conscious, respectful, compassionate, intelligent, well mannered, driven boys who will turn into men who contribute positively to our society. I want them to be like their father because he is the best man I’ve ever known.  I want them to understand girls and women and the struggles that come with being female.  I want them to live with intention and to love all people.

There are so many plans. So much to do and see. So much to introduce them to. So much to teach them. And between their amazing father and their very determined mother, Lennox and Kai Prince are going to be some very interesting kids.

As for me, I’ve gone through huge emotional and physical changes in the last year.  My body has accomplished something that almost everyone said it wouldn’t or couldn’t.  It was a journey with so many potential set backs.  I held my breath for an entire nine months and I’m learning to breathe again a little bit each day.  Now I’m working on me.  The strong willed, positive, multitasking, full time working, non profit running, healthy lifestyle living, wife.  And now I’ve added on the new role of MOM.

Stay Tuned…





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